Case Study

Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance mountain bikes, sought to enhance their retail operations and provide an exceptional customer experience across multiple channels. By implementing ConnectPOS, they were able to hop on a new journey with a flawless omnichannel solution.

  • Direct connection to BigCommerce
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Enthusiastic customer support

The Challenge

Over the past decade, Yeti Cycles relied on Magento to support its online performance. However, as their business continued to grow, it became clear that an upgrade to their digital infrastructure was necessary. BigCommerce emerged as the scalable eCommerce platform of choice, prompting Yeti Cycles to seek compatible solutions that seamlessly integrated with their new system.

Maintaining an effective omnichannel model was a significant challenge for Yeti Cycles, particularly when it came to selecting the perfect POS system. Previously, they had utilized Magestore to manage their O2O (online-to-offline) operations. However, as Magestore was designed exclusively for Magento, it was incompatible with BigCommerce.

Yeti Cycles evaluated several potential POS providers but struggled to find the missing piece they were searching for. With a single store and register, simplicity and ease of use were paramount, without unnecessary features that could complicate operations. Moreover, the company faced the challenge of finding a POS system that could perform bi-directional sync between BigCommerce and the POS. Despite exploring options like Square Point of Sale, they were disappointed as it did not integrate directly with BigCommerce or support the payment gateway.

The Solution

Yeti Cycles expressed a strong preference for a direct solution that connects their BigCommerce database with POS system, without relying on third-party systems. ConnectPOS, as the sole provider offering this feature, met their expectations.

Moreover, the company can effortlessly apply the settings created in their eCommerce platform directly within the POS. Both online and offline purchases can leverage complex BigCommerce promotion rules. This capability sets the omnichannel solution apart from its competitors, ensuring a unified experience for Yeti Cycles’ buyers across platforms.

Given that Yeti Cycles relies on as their preferred payment gateway, compatibility with this financial solution was crucial. ConnectPOS successfully integrated with, allowing buyers to make quick payments while making it the default payment method. All order details are seamlessly synced with BigCommerce, ensuring no data is missed by managers.

ConnectPOS not only enables a seamless checkout experience across devices but also strengthens retail purchases and boosts conversion rates. Users can access and utilize advanced order features such as draft orders, out-of-stock orders, and custom orders, minimizing the risk of losing potential customers.

For Yeti Cycles’ main showroom in the US, ConnectPOS provides a simple and efficient POS solution, considering the single location and register. The implementation process was smooth, and the Yeti Cycles team quickly grasped how to use the system. ConnectPOS consistently offers guidance and support whenever needed.

From the moment Yeti Cycles booked a free demo, ConnectPOS demonstrated its unwavering commitment to supporting their needs. The entire team showcased their professionalism and readiness to address every query, even across different time zones.

Going Further

Yeti Cycles has already experienced significant improvements in its retail performance since implementing ConnectPOS. The direct integration with BigCommerce and has resulted in seamless transactions, reducing the average transaction time by at least 1 minute per customer. Looking ahead, Yeti Cycles plans to leverage additional valuable features such as Offline Mode, Store Credit, and Manually Adding a Percentage Discount for Individual Products.

The success achieved by Yeti Cycles is a driving force for the continued progress of ConnectPOS. The opportunities that ConnectPOS has provided to Yeti Cycles are limitless, opening up new possibilities for growth and success.

“It has been great working with ConnectPOS. I was nervous that I would not be able to find a POS system that met all our requirements, but ConnectPOS got it done. 

ConnectPOS’s customer support is the best in class and responds very quickly to our needs. I have been extremely impressed with Leia and everyone else we have worked with at ConnectPOS. Please continue to provide the same level of customer support.”

-Matt Hicks – Senior Technology Manager