Smart Order Management

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Accelerate Your Order Processing and Unlock the Power of Unified Commerce

Efficiently manage your orders, automate backend procedures, and deliver a seamless unified commerce experience tailored for growing businesses with our advanced order management software.

Headless and Modular OMS

Running a successful business shouldn’t be hindered by complex technology. That’s why we offer a headless and modular Order Management System (OMS) designed to simplify your operations and optimize efficiency.

Effortless Order Management

Our solutions streamline the order management process, automate fulfillment, and enhance customer experiences. With powerful features, managing orders becomes an efficient process.

Centralized Inventory Management

Our advanced technology enables businesses to consolidate inventory across multiple channels and locations. Gain real-time visibility into stock levels, reduce stockouts, and improve inventory turnover.

Stress-Free Fulfilment Made Easy

Our innovative solutions simplify and automate the order fulfilment process. From order capture to delivery, our platform ensures seamless operations, timely deliveries, and delighted customers.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Our solutions simplify warehouse operations, optimizing inventory control and order fulfilment. From real-time tracking to automated workflows, our platform empowers businesses to maximize efficiency.

Sell in Multiple Marketplaces

Integrate your products across multiple marketplaces, reach a broader audience and new revenue streams. With centralized order management you can handle all marketplaces from a single platform.

Simplify Financial Management

Take the complexity out of financial processes and effortlessly handle taxes, custom procedures, and reporting. Our feature-rich solution ensures compliant tax management, saving time and reducing errors.

Unify Online and Offline Commerce

Create a unified shopping experience for your customers. Effortlessly manage inventory, orders, and customer data across all channels, optimizing efficiency and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decisions

Gain valuable insights with Keros Digital's centralized reporting system. Access comprehensive analytics from multiple locations and markets, empowering your business with a global view of operations.

Seamless Integration for Automated Operations

Integrate seamlessly with over 300 digital channels and 270 couriers. Our Order Management System eliminates errors, improves customer satisfaction, and saves valuable time. Connect shipping carriers, automate tasks, and integrate your tech stack effortlessly. Boost efficiency and take your operations to new heights.

  • Fully international and scalable solution
  • Backend automation for unified commerce in matter of weeks

Simplify Financial and Tax Management

Our Order Management System offers comprehensive financial and tax management capabilities, automating and simplifying processes for franchisee and international omnichannel activities.

You can handle financial transactions, tax compliance, and reporting, while seamlessly managing operations across multiple locations and channels. 

Optimize Fulfillment with In-Store App

Experience seamless in-store fulfillment with our Order Management System. Our solution offers out-of-the-box best practice workflows and integrates seamlessly with our powerful in-store fulfillment app. Streamline your operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences with ease.

A Platform Trusted by Leading Brands

Empowering Excellence: Partnering with Keros Digital

By partnering with Keros Digital, the industry leader in Distributed Order Management, we tap into their expertise and leverage their advanced solutions to streamline operations, optimize inventory, and ensure seamless order management across multiple channels.

Together, we’re raising the bar for excellence in digital commerce and empowering our business to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Unlock the potential of our partnership with Keros Digital and take your omnichannel strategy to new heights.

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