Case Study


Realizing the fact that 67% of the buyer’s journey happens digitally, Ricoh decided to renovate its old website to provide both B2C and B2B customers with a seamless experience from the first product reference to after-purchase support for higher converting sales.

The new digital solutions needed to be able to deliver global implementation along with a personalized customer experience and centralized content management for the “Single Source of Product Truth” requirement.

  • 6 Out of 9 Regions Delivered in 3 Months
  • Customer Experience Personalization
  • Custom Consumer Profiles
  • Data-driven Marketing Analytics
  • "Single Source of Product Truth” Achievement
  • Synchronized Content Across Channels and Regions
0 %
Bounce Rate Reduced
0 %
Increase in Monthly Traffic
Months of Time-to-market For 6 Regions

The Challenge

Ricoh, a global technology company, was facing challenges with their previous website, including dysfunctionality of assets and internal search reports, lack of personalized customer experience, and difficulty in regional rollouts. They needed a website that could offer a secure and personalized experience for their customers while enabling them to launch regional rollouts with ease.

The Solution

To address these challenges, SmartOSC proposed a Sitecore eCommerce implementation. The team started with a site audit to closely investigate issues and built a local environment that included Sitecore XP 8.2 update 3 instance, Sitecore Commerce 8.2.1, deploying Ricoh source code, restoring Ricoh’s database, and verifying local systems. SmartOSC enhanced data analytics by investigating downloaded events to generate data for the assets report and configuring the search function with analytics to capture search keywords.

In order to facilitate centralized content for Ricoh to ensure the “Single Source of Product Truth”, SmartOSC’s team proposed its RA Multi Region Connector solutions. Content is migrated from the current database to RA new Content Repository. The Data Exchange Modules, comprised of standard configurations, would enable easy synchronization and faster time-to-market delivery for quick rollout in each region. Custom profiles were created to identify contacts based on their behaviors, and four new page templates were created for a modern and diverse look. SmartOSC proposed its RA Multi Region Connector solutions to facilitate centralized content for Ricoh and ensure the “Single Source of Product Truth.”

Going Further

With the implementation of Sitecore eCommerce and SmartOSC’s proposed solutions, Ricoh was able to enhance their customers’ experience and launch regional rollouts with ease. The enhanced data analytics enabled them to better understand their customers’ behavior, while the personalized customer experience provided tailored content to each type of user.

The centralized content solution ensured that the content was synchronized and delivered quickly in each region. Overall, the implementation provided a secure and personalized experience for customers while simplifying the process of launching regional rollouts.