Case Study


Payporte, a leading Nigerian online retailer, was faced with the challenge of streamlining their retail operations across multiple channels. They sought an innovative solution to enhance their customer experience with outstanding customer support.

  • POS Customization
  • POS Optimization
  • Omnichannel solution

The Challenge

Being the pioneer of omnichannel retail in Nigeria, PayPorte has always been on the lookout for the ideal POS system that can effectively support its omnichannel business model. The efficacy of a POS software lies in its seamless functionality. However, since technical glitches are inevitable, the role of a responsive customer support team is crucial in ensuring the smooth operation of the system.

Regrettably, PayPorte faced a major setback with their previous POS provider, B.POS, as they received inadequate assistance when it came to resolving POS issues. This lack of support from the vendor resulted in a highly unsatisfactory POS experience for PayPorte. Frustrated by this ongoing struggle, they sought an alternative solution that not only promised a frictionless experience but also came with a dedicated support team that would always have their back.

It was during this search that PayPorte discovered ConnectPOS.

The Solution

ConnectPOS takes pride in its ability to empower a seamless omnichannel retail experience for businesses and their customers. Recognizing this exceptional trait of ConnectPOS, PayPorte has decided to place their trust in this POS system. The retailer has found that ConnectPOS not only aligns with their omnichannel business strategy but also provides robust functionality, all at a fraction of the price.

Furthermore, PayPorte appreciates the user-friendly nature of the POS system, as its clean and clear user interface ensures ease of use. Equally important, the retailer highly values the seamless customer experience and the reliable support provided by ConnectPOS.

PayPorte values ConnectPOS’s customizable features and seamless integration with payment gateways like Paystacks and Flutterwave. Additionally, the loyalty program integration with Miravist greatly enhances customer satisfaction.

With a focus on continuous improvement and meeting customer expectations, ConnectPOS prioritizes POS optimization. We optimize the POS experience with seamless operation on various devices, including PCs and mobile devices, freeing the business from hardware restrictions. Enhanced mobile responsiveness on Android devices also allows remote business management for PayPorte.

Going Further

The initial experience of PayPorte with ConnectPOS has been described as “top-notch” by the PayPorte team. The merchant was impressed by the responsive, enthusiastic, and professional approach of the ConnectPOS team throughout the project.

With this partnership, both parties are optimistic about achieving excellent results, which will create golden opportunities for business expansion for PayPorte.

“Our experience with ConnectPOS is a seamless one, the technical support was amazing and the functionality meets our business needs at the moment.”