Case Study

Smoke Arsenal

Smoke Arsenal, a leading supplier of smoking accessories, sought a modern POS system to streamline operations. They found the perfect solution in ConnectPOS, known for its seamless integration with their eCommerce platform.

  • Real-time Synchronization For Unified Data
  • System customization
  • Group Pricing For Better Customers Service
  • Advanced Orders To Increase Conversion Rate
  • Seamless omnichannel shopping experience cross-platform

The Challenge

Smoke Arsenal, a wholesaler dealing with large quantity orders, sought a powerful and scalable technological system. They migrated to BigCommerce Enterprise for their eCommerce platform and recognized the importance of adopting an omnichannel model.

In their search for a suitable POS system, compatibility with their inventory management system, support for B2B wholesale activities, data security, and multi-device accessibility were crucial. After exploring various options, they found ConnectPOS to be the perfect fit.

The Solution

ConnectPOS is renowned for its real-time synchronization, enabling seamless updates between Smoke Arsenal’s database and the POS system. Cashiers have access to customer information, orders, products, and inventory within the app, eliminating the need to switch between online stores and inventory management systems.

One of the key factors that led Smoke Arsenal to choose ConnectPOS is its flexibility in customization. The system integrates smoothly with Smoke Arsenal’s built-in systems, including payment gateways and the MAGIC inventory management system. ConnectPOS has developed additional features to support these third-party add-ons, such as inventory adjustment, allowing users to edit stock numbers directly within the POS, which automatically syncs with the inventory control hub.

ConnectPOS offers a user-friendly group pricing function and advanced order features that meet the complex pricing needs of wholesalers like Smoke Arsenal. The omnichannel solution efficiently saves time and effort for staff members.

ConnectPOS stands out with its quick and supportive customer support. The representatives are highly helpful, patient, and capable of addressing various inquiries related to sales and technology, providing a seamless support experience.

Going Further

Currently, Smoke Arsenal is dedicated to enhancing its technology ecosystem, and ConnectPOS is thrilled to be part of this transformative process. The wholesaler has exciting plans to expand its omnichannel business, including a customized Last Price feature. This feature ensures that when a customer places a new order at the POS, they are automatically given the pricing from their previous invoice, enhancing convenience and customer satisfaction.

The positive compliments and feedback received from Smoke Arsenal motivate us to push forward and continually strive for excellence in our performance. We are committed to providing the best possible service and support to help Smoke Arsenal achieve their goals and succeed in their endeavors.

“Muy Fantástico! ConnectPOS is the perfect solution for Smoke Arsenal. It works perfectly with our BigCommerce Enterprise version. All customers and products are automatically synced as well as the pricing. ConnectPOS is ready to listen to what customers want. We’re satisfied with all the enterprise features that ConnectPOS has prepared for us!”

– Max – UX designer, Smoke Arsenal